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Magic Copybook Practice Set of 4

Magic Copybook Practice Set of 4

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Creative Genius In The Making!

In just a few short weeks, our creative learning system has delivered advancements in essential areas such as mathematicshandwriting, motor skills, and drawing while having fun!


 Reusable in Under 10 Minutes! 

Each book bundle includes a pen and magic ink refills. The ink vanishes within ten minutes of writing, leaving the book ready for another round of fun.  Our package includes a pen grip trainer designed to instruct your child in the correct grip from a young age.


Learn Multiple Skills

Sank Magic Copybooks are structured in a way that helps Your child to further develop curiosity and motivation to color, draw, and learn letters, numbers, math, and words by themselves!


Creative Writing Tool

As parents, we want to provide the best tools and opportunities for our children. This 4-book series is one of the most influential ways to spark curiosity and motivation. Learning with a fun and curious attitude will make your child thrive in school.

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